Coronavirus help

free gym use for harrogate families

from 16TH APRIL TILL 1st JUly 2021

Currently our free 12 week one to one training course is unavailible.


We have set up Harrison Fitness & Movement CIC to help people with various health issues including anxiety and depression.

Physical activity has been shown to have a strong and positive influence on mental wellbeing and some mental illnesses. Participation in regular physical activity can increase self-esteem and reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

We understand the effects Covid 19 has had on families and are offering families in the Harrogate and surrounding areas the chance to train and build their fitness together in private to help the risk of contracting Covid 19. We belive this will help rebuild some of the effects lock down has had on everyones mental health including depression and anxiety, Our aim is after using our facility for free the families can move on to regular gyms to keep up all their hard work and maintain a healthy life style.


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Some  reviews from the 12 week fitnes course.


“ We had tried regular gyms in the past but they just weren't right in terms of addressing my son’s needs and the environment wasn't supportive or understanding.

My son has a brain injury and suffers from lack of motivation, low confidence, poor self esteem and anxiety.

When I read the article about Harrison Fitness & Movement Centre and what Craig was striving to achieve, I instinctively thought it sounded a great space and made contact. From the initial email the communication was professional and understanding.

It was clear that the whole ethos of the gym was to support adults young and old to develop their fitness in a safe and understanding environment.

Taking the information I provided, Craig paired Scott up with one of the personal trainers, Ed Judd and a meeting was arranged for all of us to get together.

Ed and Craig were brilliant and made the whole experience positive which was greatly appreciated as ordinarily anxiety overtakes this kind of thing.

Scott and Ed work one to one in the gym on a weekly basis and during the sessions they are the only ones in the gym. This means there are no anxiety worries, fears or distractions which are incredibly important.

Ed listens to Scott, adapts the sessions to his needs on the day and respects him.

The difference in Scott since he started at Harrison Fitness & Movement Centre has been incredible.

Not only has his physical state improved but so has his mental state. His motivation has soared and his confidence levels have greatly improved.

I would highly recommend Harrison Fitness & Movement Centre to anyone who struggles to attend a regular gym for whatever reasons and encourage you to give it a try. I am delighted to have discovered this gem” Lesley Droy.